Justice for Ethan

Scroll down to learn 6 Steps you can take now:
(check back for frequent updates, too).

Step 1: Sign White House Petition.

Go to the White House website at www.wh.gov/LMDL and sign our petition.
We are asking President Obama to:

1) Call and offer his condolences to the Saylor Family
2) Direct the FBI to investigate police brutality in Ethan's murder
3) Direct the DOJ to investigate civil rights violations in Ethan's murder.

Do it for his Mom.  What if it was your son?

Step 2: Sign the Change.org Petition.

There are several change.org Petitions. The following link is the primary Petition.  

Sign them all, but sign this one first:


Step 3: Join  "8 Days for Ethan"

 "8 Days for Ethan Campaign" is a campaign started by Blogger Little Bird's Dad to raise awareness of Ethan's murder.

 "8 Days for Ethan Campaign is activism that is designed for those that have only 15 minutes a day to help. 

8 easy tasks, 15 minutes each day.  Start at Day 1, and work through to Day 8.

Visit "8 Days for Ethan Campaign".

Step 4: Join "Down Syndrome Uprising" (Facebook Page)

Down Syndrome Uprising is a group of parents who are fed up with the treatment that children with Down Syndrome suffer through.   

The goal of Down Syndrome Uprising  is to create a unified, global community of Down Syndrome Activists.

Like the  Down Syndrome Uprising Facebook page and get constant updates on activism to support #JusticeForEthan.

Step 5: Participate in an Online Vigil.

April 12, 2013:  This date marks 3 months since Ethan's death.

In that time, no substantial action has been taken by federal, state or local government to ensure that there has been #JusticeForEthan.

In that time, very little media attention has focused on the violent and unnecessary death of this young man.

In that time, very few National Down Syndrome Advocacy groups, or National Civil Rights groups, have taken meaningful action to ensure that there is #JusticeForEthan.

On April 12, 2013, change your Facebook or Twitter profile picture to the image to your right. Show the world that you stand in solidarity with those that fight for #JusticeForEthan.

Here is the link to the image. There is no copyright.
Use it, circulate it, share it. 

Step 6: Tweet.  Retweet.

(Use hashtag #JusticeForEthan)

"Join is in our push.  #JusticeForEthan"

"Love someone with Down Syndrome? #JusticeForEthan"

"Disability Rights are Human Rights. #JusticeForEthan

"Down Syndrome isn't a cause of death." #JusticeForEthan

"No one should die over a movie ticket." #JusticeForEthan

"Life is worth more than a movie ticket." #JusticeForEthan

"What if it were your son" #JusticeForEthan

"If your son screamed out for you, what would you do?" #JusticeForEthan

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